Here’s a few of our favorite links* for national and regional freight and passenger rail data, developments, current issues and other useful resources:

  • Association of America Railroads: (link)
  • Empire State Passenger Association (sister org. to VRAN, covering NY State): (link)
  • (info clearinghouse on freight rail industry): (link)
  • Go!Vermont (info on local transportation options other than private vehicles): (link)
  • Northeast Assoc. of Rail Shippers (trade association including shippers, RRs): (link)
  • New England Central Railroad (major freight railroad in VT): (link)
  • Operation Lifesaver (outreach campaign to promote safety at rail crossings): (link)
  • Rail Passengers Association (formerly NARP): (link)
  • Rail Users’ Network (includes links to many sister organizations around the US): (link)
  • Sustainable Transportation Vermont (a blog about low-impact transit alternatives): (link)
  • TrainWeb (links to national and regional rail advocacy groups): (link)
  • Trainriders Northeast (sister org. to VRAN, supporting Amtrak service to Maine): (link)
  • Trains In The Valley (sister org. to VRAN, covering rail service in western Mass.): (link)
  • VT Dept. of Transportation Rail Program home page: (link)
  • Vermont Rail System (major freight railroad in VT): (link)
  • VT Transportation Efficiency Network (coalition of groups promoting public transit): (link)
  • Vermont train videos on YouTube (for all you rail fans, just for fun): (link)

 * Note: links are current as of April 2018. Clicking on link will open a new page on your browser. VRAN is not responsible for maintaining any of these external websites, or the accuracy of any information displayed there. Please contact us if you find any of these links to be broken, or changed.


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