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Vermont Rail System
An affiliation of four Vermont-based shortlines; the Vermont Railway, the Green Mountain Railroad, the Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad, and the Washington County Railroad, operating mostly over state-owned track.

New England Central Railroad
Runs the length of Vermont, from the Canadian border at Alburgh to New London, Connecticut, via St.Albans - Montpelier Jct - White River Jct - Bellows Falls - Brattleboro. Burlington is served on a branch. Carries mostly lumber and newsprint, as well as propane and wood chip biomass for producing green energy for Burlington Electric. Part of RailAmerica.

St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
cuts through a corner of Vermont through Island Pond

Pan-Am Railway (Springfield Terminal)
The former Guilford Transporation and Boston & Maine. Runs up the Connecticut River valley and across the southwest corner of Vermont, via Pownell. Wikipedia entry for Pan-Am Railway.

Claremont & Concord Railroad
Switching operations in Claremont NH and West Lebanon NH (interchanging in White River Junction, VT)

Providence & Worcester Railroad Co


Vermont state Rail Program, Agency of Transportation Operations Division

Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization

Other Rail Advocacy Groups

Trainriders Northeast
Regional passenger rail advocacy group, headquartered in Maine.

Central Corridor Coalition

Promoting passenger service between Brattleboro VT, Amherst and Palmer MA, Storrs, Willimantic and New London CT

NARP: National Association of Railroad Passengers

Freight oriented national lobby group.

 Freight Rail Works
Advertising campaign promoting the benefits of freight rail

empire state passengers association

Other rail advocacy groups around the country (list of links from Trainweb)

Railfan Sites - Current Operations

NERAIL Railroad Photos

Railfan Sites - Historical 

Rutland Railway Association

Rutland Railroad Historical Society

Central Vermont Railway Historical Society Home Page


Here's what you can do to stay safe around trains...

Never trespass on any railroad property or right of way!
Doing so is illegal and risks serious injury or death.

Cross only at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings!
Look for a train moving from either direction -- and then look for a second train from either direction.

Always expect a train!
Trains do not have set schedules and can approach from either direction at any time of day or night.
Trains do not take holidays.

Don't stand next to tracks!
Trains can overhang the tracks by three feet on either side, and straps and tiedowns can extend even further.

Never try to beat a train!
Because of their size, you cannot judge a train's speed or distance. Trains cannot make sudden stops. Remember that a locomotive weighs 200 tons. An automobile being hit by a train is equivalent to a soda can being hit by an automobile.