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  • Amtrak VT Business Survey: If your business is located in the vicinity of a Vermont Amtrak station for either the Vermonter or Ethan Allen Express lines, the VT Dept. of Tourism & Marketing would appreciate your feedback on how you may market or partner with them. Please take this brief survey, at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T6WHSLJ.

  • Earlier this month, Canadian officials approved a preclearance agreement that expands the ability of border agents from the U.S. and Canada to collaborate. It’s also expected to accelerate passenger rail crossings at the border. In December 2016, President Obama signed a bill approving expansion of preclearance procedures between the U.S and Canada. But, it was not until this month that Canada approved a companion bill. To read more, See: http://wamc.org/post/canadian-approval-preclearance-encourages-rail-travelers

  • BURLINGTON, Vt. - The investigation into a deadly train derailment in Washington State continued Tuesday, but local experts says the derailment may have been preventable. Investigators say the train was travelling at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone when it jumped the tracks outside of Tacoma Monday, killing three. "When I heard about it I was just like 'Wow!', an inaugural run and what happened," said Brad Worthen, Vermont Rail Action Network. VRAN is a non-profit organization working to revitalize the state's rail system, which Worthen says is in better shape than it was ten years ago. Worthen said, "With federal, state and private financing we have upgraded our rail system significantly to the tune of you know $100 million." Nationally however Worthen says it's an industry that is extremely under-funded, Amtrak in particular which he says typically only has one engineer on board. "If you had a second human-being there at the controls and looking at the speed, knowing the track it's a redundancy that could have maybe prevented this," said Worthen. Worthen says there are regular inspections of Vermont's railways. "You’ll see on a regular-basis and ahead of Amtrak trains a high-railcar which is a pick-up truck equipped with rails. That operator is specifically looking for any irregularities within the rail infrastructure ahead of Amtrak on a regular basis," explained Worthen. Investigators in Washington say they're reviewing everything. For complete story, see: http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/investigation-into-deadly-train-derailment-continues-vermont-rail-industry-awaits-answers/883875151

  • "There was general agreement among the industry stakeholders present that all passenger rail supporters need to be united in advocacy for more equitable funding, and to allow existing funding sources, including the Highway Trust Fund, the flexibility to support multimodal solutions." http://cs.trains.com/trn/b/observation-tower/archive/2017/11/30/passenger-rail-progress-consensus-on-what-not-so-much-on-how.aspx

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  • Vermont Rail Action Network shared Empire State Passengers Association's album.Thanks to Ben Turon of the Empire State Passengers Association, our sister group in NY, for taking & sharing this album from our Annual Dinner in Rutland Nov. 8th! Thanks for chronicling our celebration!

  • http://m.railwayage.com/index.php/passenger/intercity/amtrak-says-its-ready-to-build.html

  • WASHINGTON--A Vermont family is using their personal tragedy and one of the country's busiest railroad stations as a platform to tell people to stay off the tracks. Some 40 million visitors pass through Union Station in Washington D.C., every year. Monday, it served as Nancy Kenyon Richardson's destination, as she shared her pain with the country. Days after what would have been her adopted son's birthday, she clutched a picture of him. His ashes hung from her necklace. "He was the son who always felt the need to protect us, his biggest fear was losing a member of the family he waited so long to find," she said. Kenyon died in May 2015. A train hit him as he took a shortcut to work. He couldn't hear it approaching over the sound of his headphones. Now, his adopted family is willing to go to any length to help others understand the danger of walking along train tracks. "Kevin, this is our birthday gift to you, please help us keep people off the tracks," said his mother. See the story on WCAX: http://www.wcax.com/content/news/Rail-safety-advocates-to-call-attention-to-rail-crossings-public-safety-447653413.html

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