Purpose & Mission

Green Mountain Railroad GP40

The Vermont Rail Action Network exists to convert generalized public support for rail in Vermont into an active, organized and unified constituency that helps lead Vermont into a new age of the train. We . . .

We inform our members, elected official and the public concerning railroad issues in Vermont

Our voice is more powerful when it is well-timed and unified.

We are ambassadors for the cause of railroads and railroad service

The Vermont Rail Action Network is a team and a citizen's movement, which means your participation is critical. If you believe that Vermont would be better with more trains (and less road vehicle pollution) then we need your voice, your hands and your gumption.


Mission Statement:

To improve the environment and to ensure the economic viability of Vermont business by providing cost effective transportation choices, VRAN supports and advocates for the modernization and revitalization of the Vermont rail network for passengers and freight.


Longer Term priorities:

1. Upgrade the rail network for 286,000 lb capacity freight cars

2. Revitalized Western Corridor
(Albany – Bennington - Rutland-Burlington - Essex Jct - St.Albans)
including Middlebury spur to remove 70,000 trucks from Rt 7.

3. Improved passenger train network, including

o        Passenger service to Burlington from New York and Rutland and

o        Intercity connection to Montreal and

o        Burlington / Essex Junction commuter train network

4. Increased passenger and freight intermodal connections


New Amtrak Service?

The following Amtrak improvements in Vermont are under discussion but take money and your political support. 

Please sign up for e-mail updates, write to your representatives and a letter to the editor and consider volunteering to help make these enhancements reality.

Trainriders/Northeast Logo
We work in affiliation with Trainriders/Northeast, the regional rail advocates group which conceived and initiated the "Downeaster" Amtrak service from Boston to Maine.  To join Trainriders Northeast,click here