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Background on the Vermont Rail Action Network

We are Vermont's citizen network of rail advocates, with 3200 supporters, a grassroots effort promoting the revitalization of Vermont's rail network for passengers and freight - supporting the environment and economic vitality.

We were incorporated in late 2008, the successor to the Vermont Rail Advocacy Network.  We work in affiliation with Trainriders/Northeast, a regional advocacy group and also cooperate with other environmental, business and sustainable transportation groups.

Click here to for information on our board, representing all parts of Vermont and on our goals.

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"People move, build and hire based on the presence of rail service." -- Christopher Parker, Vermont Rail Action Network Executive Director

"With all the brou-ha-ha about making Vermont more business-friendly, there's one very simple step that makes sense across the board: increase the weight limit on Vermont's railroad tracks to 286,000 pounds. It'll spur business by lowering the cost of fuel, grain and bulk commodities; it'll get trucks off the highways (saving a lot of wear and tear) and it'll pave the way for improved and expanded passenger service. Everyone from pro-business advocates to tree-huggers ought to be able to agree on this one!"

-- Charlie Hunter, Artist tree-hugger type, Bellows Falls VT

"In the economy and environment of the future, Vermont's vitality will be shaped by the rail option.  We need to invest now in the rail network because it will bring jobs and mobility now, but we also need to create the Vermont we want in the future." -- Christopher Parker, Vermont Rail Action Network Executive Director

"Rail service is a cost efficient,environmentally friendly important mode of transportation that must be maintained, enhanced and preserved for future generations." -- Pete Snyder, Building Inspector, Glover VT

Here's what you can do to stay safe around trains...

Never trespass on any railroad property or right of way!
Doing so is illegal and risks serious injury or death.

Cross only at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings!
Look for a train moving from either direction -- and then look for a second train from either direction.

Always expect a train!
Trains do not have set schedules and can approach from either direction at any time of day or night.
Trains do not take holidays.

Don't stand next to tracks!
Trains can overhang the tracks by three feet on either side, and straps and tiedowns can extend even further.

Never try to beat a train!
Because of their size, you cannot judge a train's speed or distance. Trains cannot make sudden stops. Remember that a locomotive weighs 200 tons. An automobile being hit by a train is equivalent to a soda can being hit by an automobile.