Our Trains, Our Future

The Vermont Rail Action Network works to modernize and upgrade Vermont’s railroads for better passenger and freight services. VRAN seeks to improve the environment and to ensure the economic viability of Vermont by expanding access to cost-effective rail transportation.


Save the Date: VRAN's 2018 Annual Dinner

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Please hold the date for VRAN's annual celebration of all things rail in Vermont.  This year, we will gather on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 8th at the Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in downtown Montpelier, Vermont.

This is going to be our best meeting yet!  Tickets will be available to purchase online via a link on this website by mid-September.

 Mark your calendar now & stay tuned for more details!



VRAN to Amtrak: Don’t Derail the National Network

Amtrak Vermonter in White River JctIn late April, Amtrak suddenly announced that it will be replacing diner car service with cold boxed lunches for sleeper car customers on the overnight Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited trains, starting June 1. This could be the first step in undermining service for Amtrak’s other long-distance trains. This move comes after recent comments by Amtrak executives that they are considering discontinuing service for all its trains operating on tracks without Positive Train Control (which includes most of VT).

VRAN is working to preserve Amtrak’s national network in both Washington and Vermont. You can help by supporting our ‘Don’t Derail the National Network’ campaign. Help ensure that we can play an active role in the national campaign to keep Amtrak’s network intact. You deserve a vibrant, affordable and comfortable option for long-distance travel by train.

Click here  to make your special donation today, then visit our Take Action--Act Now page to learn how you can make a difference!


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We're inviting you to become a member of the Vermont Rail Action Network. As a member, you support our mission and organization. Members will also get a preferred rate for  our annual dinner. 

Memberships will be available in early 2018. 

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Rail in Vermont is expanding

Vermont is on the cusp of implementing significant rail expansions. Add your voice to help us keep our elected officials aware of public support for Vermont’s railroad use goals.

Rail use can improve the lives of everyone who lives and works in Vermont—even those who have never set foot on a train. How? Good question! Visit our page on the benefits of rail in Vermont for some answers.

All transportation in America depends upon public investment.  Public investment depends upon our elected representatives, who act based on their perceptions of public support.  It is important to make your voice heard.

Here’s what you can do:

Freight by Rail: Get On Board

See how freight rail investments help communities across the country -- supporting jobs, cleaner skies and a stronger economy. 

Improving Passenger Rail
VRAN works with community leaders to make our train stations more welcoming and create better connections to local transit.

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Rebuilding Our Rail Infrastructure
VRAN helps bring new federal and state investments to Vermont to improve rail lines, bridges, road crossings, and stations.